Monday, July 2, 2012

Peyton's Dance Recital 2012

Peyton had her dance recital last month.  She was in 3 dances and loved every minute of it!! She of course did amazing! She is a natural and we love watching her get up there and perform!
Way to go, Peyton!

Hip Hop

 The moms and the babes
 Prancing Pixies

 Lots of Jazz Hands

 Chloe, Cece and Peyton.  These girls have been dancing together since they were 3 years old

Friday, June 1, 2012


Peyton had a half day on her last day of school so we had the car packed and headed straight to California as soon as she got out!  We were meeting our friends in Newport for the week so decided to go a day earlier and spend some time together just the 5 of us.  We stayed at a hotel in San Diego and then woke up and went to Sea World!  We took the girls night swimming and make smores on our patio!  Such a great time!  Sea World was so dead so it felt like we had the entire park to ourselves. It made for  some great quality time with our girls


 Roasting marshmellows

 Tasting the finished product-YUM
 We had breakfast with Shamu!  So great! 
 So close to these whales
 Love this picture...Piper hung out here most the breakfast...she loved being up close

 Star fish

 All Smiles
 Presley loved feeding the Sea Lions...we could of spent all day feeding these things....

 Presley is my roller coaster girl!  So is mommy so it works out great.  Trevor and Peyton pace the bottom of the ride until they know we are safe.  This picture was Presley and I before the coaster went down the hill.....

Then we headed out to Newport Beach to meet The Dunnes (flew in from ATL) the Vaughn's and the DiLandri's.  All together there was 18 of us!  8 adults and 9 kids!  Such a great trip and the kids play all day!  I didn't take a ton of pictures but here are a few.

Boogie boarding
 Presley, Tommy and Gabby
 Peyton and Chloe
 All the kids with the dads in the mix
 Piper and Daddy
 My girls with Addison!  They all love most the time they are smothering this little sweet babe!

 I tried getting one more picture...I was pushing my luck :)
LOVED this trip!  We have amazing friends and we are so blessed to have all these fabulous people in our lives. 


We wrapped up the school year!! Presley finished her 4's class and will be doing one more year at La Casa ( summer baby and we decided to hold) in their Pre-K program.  She has grown so much this year and is social and busy girl.  I am excited to have her home with me one more year before we send her to Kindergarten...crazy how fast it goes.

Presley receiving her certificate

Her teachers Mrs. Peloquin and Mrs. Farr
 Water Day
 Ice Cream Party!

Peyton also had a little graduation!  We now have a first grader!! She had amazing year this year and we can't wait for all the things 1st grade will bring!  She loves school and loves to learn (thank goodness).  She is a strong reader and has really good math skills (thanks for that gene dad!) Peyton we think your amazing!!

 Mrs. Kennedy and Peyton

 So Proud

Daddy Daughter Dance

Peyton and Trevor had their first daddy daughter dance!  So fun. The theme was denim and diamonds so they got cowgirl/boyed out!  It was a long dance (2 1/2 hours) and Peyton made Trevor dance the entire time!  They closed the dance down!!  With 3 girls in the line up Trevor will be dancing the rest of his life!

Not the best pictures....Piper was trying to squeeze into every photo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Girl James

My beautiful sister is having a baby girl at the end of June and my mom, sister Jenn and I threw her a shower last weekend. We had so much fun with this stork theme! Everything turned out wonderful and she got so much fun stuff for their baby girl! Conrats Kevin and Lindsay- we can't wait to meet her. Thanks for letting me host the shower and be a part of your special day! Here are some pictures of the shower!